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At Van der Meijden Machines, we always develop the best solution for your product. Your demands for the product are our starting points. Our machine and plant construction department has flexible, specialised experts who come up with solutions together with you. This process sometimes results in an entirely new machine or production line that we design and construct. Other times we revise and/or modify your current machine, and we can often offer you a used, revised machine as well. Thanks to our many years of experience and expertise, our good technical knowledge, and because we work with the right machines and tools, we always realise high-quality custom solutions. Solutions that help you manufacture more efficiently and effectively.

Ontwerp en bouw van nieuwe mechanische oplossingen

Following the product features you want, we deliver custom work. If your product would be best realised with an entirely new machine, we will design and manufacture it. But we are often able to offer a more affordable solution with machines and components that have been fully revised. We can also offer your machine and plant construction in SKID construction If you wish, our employees can also support you with the functional design of your building, everything from engineering, transport and installation of your machines to operation and the training of operators.

We have been building various machines since 1993, such as:

Melk verwerkingsunits (Verse melk, UHT), kaas verwerkingsunits, yoghurt/boter/kwark verwerking en verpakkingslijnen, room/ijs verwerkingsunits, chocolade verwerkingunits, poederoplossers, complete CIP units, kaasperssen en veel meer.

Several advantages of SKID construction

  • Fitted delivery;
  • SKIDs tested prior to delivery;
  • Quick and efficient installation and commissioning;
  • Construction can be started before the functional area is ready;
  • On-site work is limited as much as possible.
Machine en installatiebouw SKID-bouw

Our collaboration with Van der Meijden has a long history, which makes working with Kees and his employees very familiar and nice. The lines are short and the contact is personal. Since the company has retained a small core, they can help us quickly and they work with a modern, efficient approach and mentality.
From placing the machines to reparation and revision, we’re very happy with Van der Meijden BV.

Johan Smits

Eigenaar, Zuivelboerderij Smits


If you don’t need a new machine but you do want to improve your production solutions, we can revise your machine. By revising your machine (or all machinery), you increase its technical lifespan. Since our start in 1993 we have focused on complete revision of used machines to reintroduce them to our customers. The brands we have are all top brands that have proved themselves for decades. The high quality of these machines allows us to give them a second life: these machines, often mechanical, can still be revised and can easily manufacture your products for another 10 years when we are done with them.

Complete Overhaul

A complete overhaul of your machines is often a very good solution if your machines are aging slightly but they don’t need to be replaced quite yet. After a complete revision, your production process will be efficient and safe again and it will meet all relevant requirements. Because our revision process also draws up a full technical record, we also offer you functional services and maintenanceAfter a complete revision, we offer a six-month guarantee and a full warranty for the new components.

The standard activities of a complete revision are:

  • Dismantling the entire machine;
  • Full inspection of all components;
  • Reparation or replacement of components that don’t meet the technical requirements;
  • Replacement of all electrical components and cables;
  • Complete replacement (if relevant) of the control box to meet the technical requirements. This complete revision allows us to offer a full service for spare components and after-sales. 

Routine Inspection

A less extensive option than a complete overhaul is the routine inspection. Whether this is the best option depends on the state of your machinery. Our customers often choose this option when a young used machine is sold or if they want to check a unit they just bought. This revision package is often the fastest and cheapest solution. If this inspection reveals that there are costly defects, the buyer will receive an additional quotation. At that point, the buyer can still decide to cancel the deal.

The standard activities of a routine inspection are:

  • Your machine is fully tested in our workshop;
  • A complete visual and functional inspection;
  • We repair and modify the machine according to a repairs plan;
  • The operating system is tested extensively;
  • If required, documentation is completed;
  • After approval on the basis of the repairs plan we return the machine to you with a new warranty .


For various reasons, it might be best to adjust your machine. For example, to meet changes in the functional requirements of the machine. These modifications always lead to an increase of the economical lifespan on your machine. We offer a warranty for the parts and functionalities used.

After modification, we have:

  • Added or improved various functionalities;
  • Changed the capacity;
  • Increased efficiency;
  • Reduced operating costs;
  • Adjusted the automation;
  • Optimised the hygiene of the process;
  • Increased the safety of the process.

We do business with Van der Meijden because they were recommended to us by a business in the Uk when we were sourcing dairy processing equipment.Van der Meijden have now modified three butter packing machines to suit our requirements. They listened to what we were trying to achieve and successfully reconstructed and modified existing machines exactly to our requirements. We have found them to be a most professional and courteous company to deal with. We like to think that we have an ongoing professional and personal relationship between our companies. They are very knowledgeable in what they are doing and are at present helping us to find and modify equipment for another two projects that we are seeking to do. We have no hesitation in recommending them to other companies.

Windham Weeks

CEO, Netherend Farm Butter

Since its founding in 1993, Van der Meijden Machines has focused on the complete revision of used machines.

Following your demands for the product, we deliver custom work.

Specialists in machine and plant construction in the food industry

Service & Maintenance

A reliable and properly functioning machine or installation is essential to the quality of the end product and the safety of your employees and company processes. With smart and efficient maintenance we achieve a lifespan as long as possible and efficient availability of the machines and installations.

Storage Management

For optimal availability it is important to have the right spare parts. We can give advice on ideal storage management, or even arrange storage management for you, saving space and risk expenses.

Repair Service

Our 24-hour repair service is always ready to help you. When we have delivered or revised your machine, we can usually offer remote support – it saves both you and us time, which means money.
In case of failure we can usually offer remote support.

We have a 24-hour repair service.

We at Chocolaterie Albèrt in Udenhout work with Van der Meijden because their service is quick and very good.
They don’t just repair the machine; they also investigate why it broke down in the first place and come up with solutions to prevent it breaking down again.

Albèrt van Helvert

CEO, Albèrt Chocolade Udenhout

Machine Trade

We can offer you the best solutions for fair prices. Because of that, we often have a large range of common, used machinery, and we also offer complete production lines on a regular basis. We specialise in used machinery and like to help you find the right solution by adapting a machine to your needs. If you buy a used machine with us, you can choose from three delivery methods, and if you need help, we can advise you on which method would be best for you. Below is an overview of our products. 

Complete Overhaul

  If you buy a used machine by a renowned brand, we can completely revise it before delivery. We deliver the machine or installation to you and guarantee that you will be able to use it for a long time. To read exactly what this process entails click here.

Routine Inspection

  If you buy a used machine that is in good condition, you can use this option. We deliver the machine with a warranty: complete and tested. A description of our activities can be found here.

As purchased

  We deliver the machine to you as purchased. Because we do not inspect it, we cannot offer any guarantees for moving parts.

Can't find the machine you're looking for? Contact us and let us search for you amongst the (dairy) plants in our system.

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If you are interested in our work and what we can do for you, we would like to help you find the right solution.