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We can gladly support you with engineering, optimising, controlling or managing your company processes. Our engineers gladly design new ideas and integrate them into the most effective production lines of other machines. Because we build all our products ourselves, we are in full control, from the first blueprints to final installation. We can also help you after the commissioning of the machine, and we can monitor company processes and inspect your plant periodically. If needed, our employees can also support you with the functional design of the building, total engineering (electrical and 3D diagrams), transport and installation of your machines, commissioning and training of operators. The process management department offers the following services: Process engineering, process automation, preventive maintenance, storage management (spare parts), 24-hour service contract, technical and technological support, calibration and validation of your equipment.  

Process Engineering

In most cases you have a clear idea of the composition, features and quality demands of your products and the resources needed for that. Our technological knowledge allows us to develop the optimal production process on the basis of your product demands. Using this production process, we design your process system and we construct it ourselves.  
Thanks to our pragmatic approach we can find the most efficient solutions for you. And that’s not often a straightforward process. Usually the final solution doesn’t look at all like the solution you initially asked for, but it will always be the best.  
Van der Meijden procesbeheer
Van der Meijden procesbeheer
Van der Meijden procesbeheer

These are very nice people to do business with. Van der Meijden Machines also have a diverse range of machines: mechanical, but also plenty of electrical installations and process automation. We don’t have to deal with different parties. Van der Meijden design custom solutions and really look at the problem from our point of view. And there is no overdose of bureaucracy or management. The engineering/design is thought out very carefully and the practical approach of the experts, who have a great sense of who to work with at our company, have made us into satisfied clients. Van der Meijden Machines really think along with us and are open to innovation.

Kees is an important drive, I think, who uses his experience and his stable organisation to solve increasingly complex issues time and time again. A true entrepreneur with a sustainable, foresighted vision.

The machines delivered have so far always worked without a hitch.

Wim de Laat

CEO, Bio Scienz


Process Automation

Our process engineers, software engineers and hardware engineers cooperate closely with each other. This is what makes this department unique, because it allows us to focus on the end product right from the start. In addition, our engineers don’t just focus on the process, but also on your company culture and operators. We are familiar with all common PLC systems (Siemens, Mitsubishi, Allan Bradley, etc.). This combination of knowledge allows us to:
  • Develop an ideal operation of the process;
  • Realise an optimal ease of use and/or operation features;
  • Offer a complete and clear process visualisation (SCADA);
  • Register your data (SCADA);
  • Maintenance status (facilitating ease of maintenance): your factory will always be up to date and being behind will be a thing of the past.

 Option for remote operation and support.

Globemilk has been working closely with Van der Meijden Machines since their founding. It is their combination of process knowledge and automation expertise that has led to the development of our new line. We have come to know Van der Meijden Machines as a no-nonsense company with a love of technology and a passion for our shared end result.

Joost van Boxtel

Managing director, Globemilk B.V.

With the touchscreen HMIs (Human-Machine Interface) we make operation as easy as possible for you or your operators.

We offer options for remote operation and support.

Because our software engineers are familiar with the production processes, they can support you effectively during failures.

Thanks to our technical and technological expertise and by thinking logically we can make whatever you need – which might not be the same you initially ask for.

With a process management plan, Van der Meijden Machines introduces structure into the preventive maintenance of your machinery. This ensures good maintenance.

Timely revision and reparation of machines prevents failure and increases the machines’ lifespan. We take care of it.

Having a stock of spare parts reduces downtime in case of failures. Van der Meijden Machines organises a good spare parts inventory for your machinery.

In case of failures or calamities, our service team is ready to help you as soon as possible, so that you can move on.


Preventive Maintenance

Downtime of your production process costs money. To avoid this, you can hire us to take care of the maintenance of your machinery. With preventive maintenance we take care of all your machinery proactively. To guarantee a downtime as low as possible, we start with a proper inventory of your machinery. This is the basis we use to determine the maintenance needs, risk management, planning and execution. This allows us to protect the continuity of the preventive maintenance and makes expenses clear and controllable for you.

Data Backup

The settings of machines can be different per situation. To avoid the loss of data after a failure, we regularly back up the relevant settings of your process.

Storage Management (Spare Parts)

For optimal availability, it is important to have the right spare parts at hand. Thanks to our experience with maintenance, we have noticed that the non-availability of spare parts during failures often causes an unnecessarily long downtime of your processes. We gladly advise you on good storage management, or we can arrange storage management for you, saving you space and risks expenses. We will make sure that all spare parts covered by the agreement are always in store in case of corrective maintenance.  Based on our expertise and in collaboration with your technical staff, we look at which spare parts should be included in the urgency category and which parts have long delivery times. We will order or make these parts ourselves: a valuable addition to your processes to better protect your machines. 

24-hour Service Contract

The service plan of Van der Meijden Machines is a total solution to maximise the production capacity of your machines, limiting failures and downtime costs as much as possible, and to increase the lifespan of your machinery. We strive towards a combination of well-structured preventive maintenance, proper revision of your machinery, a good spare parts inventory, and a partnership to solve calamities quickly and adequately. If we have the technical files of your machines, you can sign a service contract with us. We can often offer remote support by logging on to the PLC system or SCADA, which saves both you and us time and expenses.
Van der Meijden procesbeheer onderhoud
Van der Meijden procesbeheer onderhoud
Van der Meijden procesbeheer onderhoud

Van der Meijden Machines is an installer who thinks along with us and offers client-oriented solutions for our processes, thanks to their knowledge of both mechanical techniques and the dairy industry. Because we don’t have our own technical service, our relationship focuses on reliability and availability. This is expressed in the nice, direct contact with the expert employees of Van der Meijden Machines.

Roy Swinkels

Bedrijfsleider, Zuivelboerderij de Romkan B.V.

Technical and Technological Support

Support of your technical service. Because our employees are familiar with the current situation of your machine installation, this support is very effective. Our employees come up with efficient solutions, because they possess both the technical and the technological knowledge required. They don’t just report which components are affected by a failure, but also deliver a concrete solution for your problem (remotely).

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